Thanks & Best Wishes from Titans Director of Rugby: Titans Rugby Logo_007

Thanks & Best Wishes from Titans Director of Rugby

Rotherham Titans Director of Rugby Richard Senior; has at this special time of year taken time out to express his thanks and best wishes to all involved with Rotherham Titans. Please see his comment below.

I would like to say a big thank you to all for the support we have had up until this Christmas period. Support comes in different ways and from many sources. So I will try to cover everyone.

Firstly to our coach and his coaching team; Lee has stepped into his role with his new management team and they have done a great job and over the coming months they will face some very big challenges. We are sitting in a very good position in both the Championship and the BI Cup but things can change very quickly as we all know too well.

The pressure is on every day and Lee and his management team thrive on this and they will become stronger for it. The whole of the group work very hard and even though it’s Christmas with Boxing Day coming up and Bedford the work never stops.

The players, well what a great committed group and still in the learning stage and getting to know each other. The boys will tell you trust is a big part of rugby and in life in general.

These guys have that in bundles and they will only step up another notch or two as the New Year comes. The challenges they face, the hits they make and take are sometimes awe-inspiring. The commitment to the club is really above the norm and this has proved with the Tuesday night reviews. They are all a credit to the club, directors and themselves.

Now we have some very special people to thank and these are the people who make our club work. The girls in the shop who if you need cheering up will hit the right notes, the VPs who work so hard during the week and on Saturdays who make sure the environment for the supporters and players is as good as it can be. The Stewards and Marshalls for match days and the staff on the bar.

To Dion, Michael, Tony and Fozzzzzy thank you for the tireless work and I am sure after Boxing Day you will be allowed to chill for a few days. We do forget how the rugby affects the volunteers around the country at these times and I think sometimes people think it’s the fairies that do the things around the club. I am sure when reading this Fozzzzzy will be saying I will be cleaning the changing rooms out and don’t want a day off.

To our directors who work tirelessly for the club thank you for making me feel so welcome. The Rotherham Titans is a special place made so by the great people in and around it. We have something building that is special which will only get stronger as we move forward. With the development of the juniors, the RuggerEds, and Rotherham Phoenix the CLUB is a great place to be.

Now to Bedford; we have a very big game ahead and as always the games are very competitive and this will be a very hard game as Bedford’s recent form has been excellent. They are a proud club and Mike and his boys have took some flak for the early season results and I am sure they will be back up the league very quickly but not at our expense. The shed will have to be big and we must give Lee and his boys the best support we can give.

So to you all and your families please have a great Christmas and we will see you Boxing Day and let us all have a healthy and prosperous new year.


DOR Titans