Lots of people are saying lots of good things about Rotherham Rugby Club

In this modern age of social media there are an ever-increasing range of platforms in which to share your thoughts on everything from what youre having for lunch through to the more serious topics in life.

Amongst the plethora of messages and comments out there, Rotherham Rugby Club has been the recipient of many a good mention.

As you will see below, plenty of people from not just the Titans family, but from supporters of other Championship clubs seem to think there’s something special about Clifton Lane and the Titans. And they’re not wrong either!

The following are just a few snippets taken from the Titans Twitter & Facebook sites and from the independently run Titans Forum:

Steve Birch ‏@TheMrSteve @RotherhamRugby I agree, Roth pie is better than the cow pie at Donny!

"the Ticket, Programme, Meal, Beer ...,deal was amazing value for money!" Nottingham fans forum about this deal.

"Rotherham is a good old Rugby Club and deserves full credit for the way we were looked after." Post on Nottingham fans forum.

"Roth is a great away trip with friendly Yorkshire fans and the atmosphere in the bar … is what rugby is all about." Post on Jersey forum.

"Rotherham really is my favourite away ground; we were made to feel really welcome." Post on Cornish Pirates Forum.

Allan B: Ed Williamson was the Titans Tuesday presenter, the theme being "Tackling". It was a very entertaining, and informative evening.

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