Rotherham U9s play very well but just lose out to Dronfield: Rotherham Under 9's_3

Rotherham U9s play very well but just lose out to Dronfield

A very physically demanding game for Rotherham U9s resulted in a narrow loss away at Dronfield.

The game started with Dronfield coming fast out of the starting blocks, putting Rotherham on the back foot straight away. Great defensive work by Raveen Bohm and strong tackling by Olivia Davison initially kept Rotherham in the game. Dronfield were very strong, eventually going over for the first try of the game. Continued pressure from the re-start led to a Dronfield turnover, again good defensive work through a blitz defence kept Dronfield from Rotherham's line, but persistent pressure enabled Dronfield to break through to take a 2-0 lead.

From the re-start Rotherham re-shaped their game. Great passing from Thamindu Silva to Sam O'Neil led to quick ball to Seth Blundell who drove through 3 Dronfield players to open Rotherham's scoring. The physicality of the first half was apparent from the off with strong tackles and drives being made by both sides. Rotherham and Dronfield swapped tries with the first half ending 8-6 to Dronfield.

The second half started with a strong Rotherham performance. Superb passing and off loading from Morgan Regan allowed Archie Turner to break the game line and sprint 40m to the Dronfield try line - try to Rotherham. Joe Bridger then made a super run weaving in and out of Dronfield players to score a great solo try. However Rotherham could not close the point’s gap with Dronfield.

Again the game was played at a good pace and as with the first half very physical. All Rotherham players upped their games today. The formation of their line was good, all players made some great defensive tackles and passing/offloading was good. Attack was very good in places with great support play. Although the team lost, they can all hold their heads up high knowing that they have played with dignity and a spirit in which the game should be played. They should all be proud of wearing the Rotherham badge today. Well done Rotherham U9s.

Try scorers: Seth Blundell (5), Joe Bridger (5), Archie Turner (2)

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