Rotherham Rugby Club Statement: Clifton Lane1

Rotherham Rugby Club Statement

The club would like to make the following statement to clear up some inaccuracies that were reported in yesterdays The Star.

1. There is no need for tracking at Abbeydale to accommodate SKY. So there was never any risk of 'damage to the pitch' as hard standing to accommodate the SKY vehicles is available at Abbeydale.

2. Whilst the pitch surface was 'corrugated' initially there was no damage to the underlying surface. See attached photo taken this morning. The grass that was 'corrugated' recovered within a couple of days.

3. The pitch has been restored and seeded and fertilised at our cost as part of the conditions of the lease we have with Rotherham Athletic Club. There was no prospect of the pitch not being handed over in good order at the due date to RTCC.

4. The clear intention of RTCC in the article we believe was simply to stir up problems prior to next Saturday's game between Titans and Sheffield Rugby/ Collegiate Cricket. We need the game to be a success. Scare tactics/spoiling tactics will not work and are underhand and unnecessary. Perhaps 'unsporting and against the values of our games' is probably nearer the mark.