It's hard to choose!: Supporters v Pirates_1

It's hard to choose!

That was the message from the fans at last nights Titan Tuesday, as voting got underway for the Supporters Club player of the season.

Comments from fans included, "can I vote for the whole squad?" "I narrowed it down to six, then two and then had to toss a coin to decide" and "there have just been too many outstanding players across the squad to make it easy to pick one!"

Running the ballot, Titans Event Manager Mick Sylvester said, "Nearly every fan voting was having a debate over which player they wanted to select and were commenting on how good the whole squad had been this year. From those who said how they were voting there was no clear front runner, so it looks like we are in for a close and exciting election!"

Members of the Supporters Club who haven't yet cast their vote can do so at the next two Titan Tuesdays, as well as before the Supporter's coach leaves for Bristol and at the home semi-final versus Bristol, with the result and trophy presentation being held at 10pm in the Titans Bar following the Bristol game on Saturday 17 May.