Rotherham Titan fans at Twickenham match: Kickers for Twickers_1

Rotherham Titan fans at Twickenham match

It was a glorious day and a dream come true for a number of Titans fans last Sunday as a team of 10 took to the hallowed turf at England's HQ to take part in a "touch" rugby tournament hosted by the leagues sponsor "Greene King IPA"

The event had a wide range of teams taking part, made up from other championship clubs and "invited" grass root clubs from around the country.

The action was fast paced and frantic and resulted in Rotherham scoring 6 tries, (to which the referee would in turn disallow.)

The captain of the team, David Reid took a number of quick tap penalties to move the ball swiftly up the field. Darting runs from Liam Reid and Gerard Shaw helped get the ball to Mark Hampshire and Mark O'Neil who would break the line, setting up a large number of chances.

Jimmy Davis and Gary Bramhall carried the ball with skill and class, aided by the decisive targeted passing of David Nightingale and Mike Garland. Kev Beaumont flew up the wings to set up scoring opportunities. In the last game passions ran high as both teams on the field pushed hard to get everything from the experience.

It was a true team effort, and as the team played more rugby on the Twickenham turf, they gelled into an efficient unit, inspired by the magnificent surroundings.

The team were unable to progress to the final but all felt as if they were winners.

The winners in the end were Jersey Rugby Club, who are ranked 4th in Europe and made up with world cup representatives.

It is an experience that money, simply could not buy and that will stay with those who both played and supported the Titans at Twickenham for the rest of there lives.

Report by David Reid