Titans To Come Back, BIGGER! FITTER! STRONGER!: Josh Fletcher


That's the aim of Titans Strength and Conditioning Josh Fletcher for next season.

Josh has called for help from the supporters to give him the tools to deliver for Lee, players in the best condition possible.

"My job as a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) coach is to provide Lee with players who have the physical capabilities to play our brand of rugby week in week out for the entire season. The primary goal of my program is to make the boys one of the fittest teams if not the fittest in the league.

“In order to do this Swifty and I need to keep the lads healthy and available to train as much as humanly possible. This task requires some specific equipment which currently we beg, borrow or steal! We currently need equipment to improve the player’s robustness, speed, functional strength and size," explained Josh.

Two weeks ago at Titan Tuesday Josh launched the "Bigger, Fitter, Stronger" appeal to buy equipment to boost the players strength and conditioning, such as tug of war ropes, rollers, strong man stones and a specialist scrum sledge.

Fans attending Titan Tuesday donated nearly £800 with significant donations from The Original Raiders, John Lye and Lenny & Karen Rimmington and they will have their names on equipment that their donations have helped buy.

The appeal target is £5000 to get all the equipment Josh needs and on July 12th the 2014/15 squad will be taking part in a Superstars Day at the club to raise funds and to decide who is the biggest, fittest and strongest squad member.

Fans and sponsors can help by directly donating cash at the club or by cheque payable to "Rotherham RUFC (2004)Ltd", please mark your envelope and the back of the cheque Bigger, Fitter, Stronger, Appeal and send to: Rotherham Titans, Clifton Lane, Rotherham, S60 2SN.