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Rotherham Summer Touch Rugby this Thursday!

Touch Rugby comes to Rotherham this Thursday.

The first of four starter sessions kicks off at 7:15pm on Herringthorpe Playing Fields.

It's a fun session with no tackling and open to both men and women over 18.

When finished, why not pop back to the Titans Bar for the weekly quiz at 8:30pm; for more details see below.

Whether you are completely new to the club or a familiar face, you'll be very welcome at one of our Touch Rugby sessions.

This summer we will be running 4 “Touch” Rugby Sessions, leading to rolling out the RFU O2 Touch rugby sessions in September.

The 4 sessions will take place on Herringthorpe Playing Fields, next to the new fencing on the dates and times below.

Thursday 26th June 7:15pm - 8:15pm
Thursday 3rd July 7:15pm - 8:15pm
Thursday 10th July 7:15pm - 8:15pm
Thursday 17th July 7:15pm - 8:15pm

The game emphasises running, agility, passing, catching and communication. In Touch Rugby there is no tackling, lineouts, scrumming or kicking involved. This makes it appealing to a wide range of ages and abilities, from beginners to masters and from slight to heavy builds, both male and females, all are welcome.

Then maybe afterwards head back into the club house for a drink, and take part in the weekly quiz.

So If you are 18+, have stopped playing 15's and want to stay in rugby, want to play rugby but don't like the idea of contact or just fancy a run about then get in TOUCH!


What should I wear?
Shorts/T-shirt and trainers are fine. You may prefer to wear football boots particularly if the ground is soft. We recommend the plastic moulded type of boots or touch rugby boots rather than metal studs. You may want a dry T-shirt for afterwards.

If it's raining, do you still play?
Normally yes...unless it's really severe.

What should I bring?
A bottle of water to drink; particularly if it is hot.

Do I need a gum shield or other protection?
No, touch rugby is non-contact.

Will I get hurt?
Nope it’s a non-contact game (apart from a light touch)

Am I fit enough?
If you can walk as far as the park, probably yes.

Isn't it a bit competitive?
No. We play for fun and fitness.

Are the rules complicated?
No, but tell us if you've never played before and we'll teach you.

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