Jamie Broadley blog on Titan Tuesday: Jamie Broadley_2

Jamie Broadley blog on Titan Tuesday

Following Jamie Broadleys Titan Tuesday presentation, the flying winger has uploaded a blog onto The Breed Project website.

See Jamie’s comments below and then follow the link for his top 5 tips.

This Tuesday saw me at Rotherham's popular 'Titans Tuesday' evening. This is a great initiative designed to get the supporters closer to the Titan's squad and give them a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes at the club. I volunteered to talk at this week's event to share the work that I have been doing with the squad on their nutrition so far this pre season.

The evening was well attended and I ended up chatting for about 90 minutes. I ran the supporters through the presentations that I have delivered to the squad as well as touching on my background, match day nutrition, supplements, alcohol, a quiz, some top tips to take away and finally finishing with a Q&A.

I always enjoy watching people's reactions to being told that the mainstream dietary advice they have been given is wrong and this evening was no exception. The attendees were really open minded and listened to the reasoning I gave for my approach. As always bacon is the bait used to get people to buy in. Everyone loves bacon!

At the end of the presentation I shared my 5 top tips for people to take away if they wanted to improve their own health and performance.

To see Jamie’s top tips, visit The Breed Project website here: