Titan Superstars: Titans Superstars_2

Titan Superstars

Who is the biggest, strongest, fastest Titan?

July 26th is your chance to find out!

Based on the TV programme we will be holding a Titans Superstars event.

Starting at 10am there will be six events to test the player’s physical abilities, with every player having to compete in five.

The events are:

  • Press Ups - who can do the most
  • 400m run
  • American Football throw; who can throw the furthest
  • Long Jump
  • KING OF THE HILL (find out why the players fear Herringthorpe Hill)
  • Team wheelbarrow race

It's your chance to see all the new players and to see how they’re shaping up pre-season.

The day will be one for all the family aimed at raising funds for the Bigger, Fitter, Stronger campaign to get the strength and conditioning team all the equipment they need.

There will be a barbecue, raffle and auction and for £100 any individual or company can sponsor any of the events and make the presentations to the day’s winners.

For details e-mail: