Dilemma for Titans supporter on his special day: Mark Clough 1

Dilemma for Titans supporter on his special day

Long-standing Titans supporter Mark Clough, commonly known as Cloughie by all who know him, recently made the important step of getting married. The dilemma he faced was his wedding day fell on the same day that his beloved Titans were at home to Jersey!

Cloughie, not needing the Wisdom of Solomon to resolve the issue, decided to make a compromise. He needed to be at the Carlton Park hotel for 4pm, as he was getting married there at 4.30pm. He decided to come to Clifton Lane with his best man and friends for just the first half!

Cloughie’s bride Sandra Hitchins is by all accounts a very understanding lady and on occasions joins Cloughie on his regular visits to the home of rugby. Cloughie rates his most memorable game watched at Clifton Lane, Titans play-off fixture against Bedford back in 2000 as the club made its first foray into the Premiership.

Cloughie is featured front left on the accompanying photograph.

The Club wishes both Cloughie and Sandra all the best for their future together.