Titans Cheeky Boys 2013 Calendar: 2013 Cheeky Boys Calendar

Titans Cheeky Boys 2013 Calendar

With Christmas just around the corner, Rotherham Rugby Club has finalised the perfect present for the festive season.

The much anticipated “Titans Cheeky Boys 2013 Calendar” has had its finishing touches and is now available for purchase, although some of the Titans Boys may blush when they see it for the first time.

The Calendar will be available from the Club Shop this evening and also on Saturday, before and after the Titans clash with Doncaster Knights. At just £8 it’s a snip and should provide a welcome stocking-filler for the undecided on what to get the love of their life.


Shop Opening Times at Clifton Lane

Tuesday Evenings: 7pm to 8pm

Match Days: 2 hours before kick-off & 1 hour after full time