Greetings from Afghanistan!: Lt James Rieder

Greetings from Afghanistan!

There are Titans supporters all over the world and the latest fan to send the Club a good luck message ahead of their big South Yorkshire derby against Doncaster Knights on Saturday is James Rieder, all the way from Afghanistan!

You may recognise the surname; James is the older brother of Titans back row star Alex Rieder. But to give James his rightful and proper title, we should say, 2nd Lieutenant James Rieder who is serving in 3 medical Regiment in the Royal Army Medical Corps and is presently serving in Afghanistan.

Lt James Rieder is currently deployed in Afghanistan's Helmand Province. He joined the Army in 2011 and commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps in December last year. His role in Afghanistan is as a Troop Commander, leading a team of 22 Combat paramedics on the ground who go out with the infantry patrols, providing life saving treatment to the wounded.

James enjoys all sports, but leaves the rugby to his younger brother Alex, who claims to be better. James wishes he could be at the big game on Saturday at Clifton Lane, but in his absence wishes the Titans the best of luck and he is looking forward to seeing them play soon.