Titans appoint new Strength and Conditioning Coach: Keir Wenham-Flatt

Titans appoint new Strength and Conditioning Coach

Rotherham Titans are delighted to announce an addition to their back-room coaching staff with the appointment of Keir Wenham-Flatt as the new Titans Strength and Conditioning coach.

Keir has just left his position as the Head of Academy Strength and Conditioning at London Wasps, holding both a Master's degree in Strength & Conditioning from the University of Bolton, and a Bachelor's degree in Sport Science from the University of Leeds.

Prior to working at Wasps, Keir operated as a freelance Strength and Conditioning Coach, working with athletes from a range of different sports. Keir's knowledge incorporates a range of different sports with 13 years of experience as an amateur rugby union player, national amateur level experience in rugby league and regional level power lifting competition.

Titans Head Coach Alex Codling is thrilled to be able to bring on board Keir and commented, “I’ve known Keir for quite a while; he did some work at London Scottish when I was there last season. He’s currently Head of Strength and Conditioning for the London Wasps Academy and he also works with their first team. However, he’s been looking for an opportunity to become a “Head of Section” and Rotherham is able to offer him that position.

“Strength and Conditioning was a key area when I first came on board that I felt needed addressing and I’m delighted that we are able to bring Keir on board. His role will encompass a multitude of benefits and his work will include working with players around hydration strategy, nutrition, power, speed, fitness and a whole host of other important aspects of Strength and Conditioning.

“Keir is an outstanding individual who is highly motivated and incredibly knowledgeable. He did a session last week with the boys, which they found thoroughly enjoying. He’ll strengthen our coaching staff and he’ll make a huge difference between now and the end of the season.

“I think Keir’s input will manifest itself in a number of ways; the strength and conditioning component of any professional rugby club is unbelievably important and it embraces so many areas, including pre and post match hydration and also our training sessions in the week, also nutrition, which is a massive component of how the boys train and play on a Saturday. The size and the power; we have some big boys here at the club, but it’s how we translate that into power on the field.

“In terms of level of fitness, if you look at Nottingham last week they did well and it was mentioned in their match report that they felt if they played the full 80 minutes they would be a lot fitter than us at the end and I think that was right. We have a lot of boys here that doing an unbelievable job, but just aren’t fit enough. I’ve told them that, but it’s not a criticism and there are a number of reasons for that, but it’s one I want to address and not to leave it until the end of the year.

“Keir will help us to achieve that and he’s here for a number of reasons, not solely for the team side of things, but very much on an individual basis. He will do lots of one-to-one stuff with the players, in terms of their needs and where they are individually and he’ll tailor his programmes accordingly.

“His work with players will encompass flexibility, core stability, activation of the muscles, power, speed and everything really. It’s an incredibly involved role that he has and I’m absolutely thrilled that he is on board with us. He’s an outstanding individual and I look forward to seeing the benefits he will bring between now and the end of the season.”