The fun Business of Science: Tata Day_4

The fun Business of Science

Tata Steel brought together over 200 children from Wingfield and four of its feeder primary schools Redscope, Roughwood, Greasbrough and Rockingham for an educational fun-day at Clifton Lane.

The students experienced science in a fun way, through a potent mix of inspiration, innovation, and perspiration presented by Tata Steel’s Modern Apprentices, Team Active Fun and a number of Titan players.

Ellie Koyander, Great Britain number 1 Mogul Skier thrilled young people with her story and experience at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  Ellie provided inspiration by explaining that ‘if it’s to be, it’s down to me’.

Supported by Tata Steel Apprentices the young people then used design, build skills, and costing techniques in the Great Egg Challenge to innovatively protect their ‘egg person’ in a cost effective way.

Finally The Titans players developed the individual and teamwork skills of young people in a fun and physical way for boys and girls proving that winning is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration.

HR Director for Tata Steel’s Speciality Steels business, Mick Hood, said: “The Champions of Steel event was designed to use sport as a way in which to excite young people about maths and science. Young people were inspired by Olympian Ellie Koyander, challenged by our Tata Steel apprentices to design a vehicle to protect an egg in the same way our steel protects passengers in a modern aircraft and joined players from Rotherham Titans to help build their communication and team-based skills. The Tata Steel challenge is a great way for young people to improve their maths and science skills in a fun and exciting way.”

Lindsay Wootton Ashforth, Assistant Head Teacher at Wingfield School said, “The ‘Tata Steel Science is Fun Day’ was wonderful. I definitely want our Learning Community to be part of it again next year.”

Nicola Minichiello, Director and Co-founder Team Active Fun, explained, “The Tata Champions of Steel was a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn how exciting science can be and how technology plays a major part in an athlete’s career.  We were delighted to take part in this event and for Ellie to provide inspiration to the next generation of champions.”

John Lewis Chief Executive of the Titans Community Foundation added, “Business is driven by science and innovation. For a business to be successful it must make technology work through great teams. Today’s Champions of Steel had all the essentials of inspiration, innovation, and perspiration that produces winners in business”