Titans link-up with RIO: RIO_Logo1

Titans link-up with RIO

Rotherham Titans have formed a link with local NHS organisation Rotherham Institute for Obesity (RIO) and as a result are now able to use their state-of-the-art technology for testing the players on a whole range of weight related criteria.

This week the Titans paid their first visit to the Doncaster Gate based facility, where they undertook a range of important tests. A selection of images have been added to the gallery section of the website from the day; to view the images click on the gallery tab above and scroll down to “Titans link-up with RIO.”

Commenting on the new relationship between the Titans and RIO, John Lewis, Titans Chief Executive said, “Dr Capehorn and the team at RIO are doing some fantastic work within the Rotherham community; their state-of-the-art technology means they are the best equipped centre in the UK for dealing with the management of weight problems.

“We are very lucky to have them on our doorstep and we are appreciative of the help they are giving us in relation to our playing squad.”

The Rotherham Institute for Obesity (RIO) is a unique and specialist centre for the management of weight problems with a multidisciplinary approach to reducing and maintaining weight loss. RIO does not claim to have invented the cure for weight problems, and cannot guarantee weight loss for patients, but it brings together all the NHS approved and evidence-based methods for weight loss into one Primary care based Centre in the hope that they can maximise the chances for weight loss. 

In addition, Dr Capehorn is a General Practitioner with a Specialist Interest in Obesity (GPwSI) who is available for consultations relating to any medication issues, or for consideration of further interventions such as weight loss surgery for adults, or residential weight management camps for children.  

Clifton Medical Centre formed RIO, and has been commissioned as part of the NHS Rotherham Strategy, to help manage weight problems in any patient (adult or child) who is registered to a Rotherham GP, that meets our agreed referral criteria.
RIO is a specialist centre for the management of obesity. Based at Clifton Medical Centre, RIO offers services including a gym, cooking classes and resource centre, providing specialist support for overweight and obese people. Patients must be referred in by their Rotherham GP.

For more information on RIO, please contact Lynn Senior, RIO Supervisor on 0844 4773622, or visit the website at: