EXCITING NEWS!!!: Lee Blackett3


The Players Social Evening: They Want YOU There! So says Titans Head Coach Lee Blackett.

The Rotherham Titans playing squad are having their first social event of the season on Friday 19 July in the Clubhouse at Clifton Lane and they want YOU there to share a great evening with them!

The amazing Acoustic Angels will provide some incredible entertainment and will add greatly to the event as they perform some of their fantastic tunes throughout the evening.

If you have not seen the Acoustic Angels before you are in for a treat and if you have, you’ll know you’re in for a great night’s entertainment.

Titans Head Coach Lee Blackett; is delighted the squad will have the opportunity to mix in and get to know the supporters even better. Lee’s wants as many people there as possible, as he explained, “The evening will present us with a great opportunity for the players and supporters to share a social evening together. Following our recent successful family day, the evening will give everyone another chance to get to know one another.

“I want our fans to support the club in this way; after all we are all in this together. I want us as a club to form a tight relationship with our supporters, because I believe that’s what a rugby club should be about and I think here at Rotherham it’s something we are keen to develop even further.

“I hope as many of our supporters as possible are able to come along and share a great evening with us.”

The doors will be open from 7pm and the Titans hope its supporters will come out in force to support the club in this way.